Biblical Truth

It is possible to know what the Bible really teaches and not be swayed by mere human opinion.  After almost 2000 years of Christianity, we should not be struggling with what the Bible means, but come together as Christians sharing one true doctrine and thereby show the world who Jesus really is.  Ask a question or submit a topic for Bible study and it will appear on this site.  Together we can truly become one body in Christ and proclaim the gospel to a lost and struggling world.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

How is one born again, according to the Bible?  This may surprise some people!

What do we do then when we commit serious sin after being born again?

The Prayer of Our Savior on His Way to be Condemned for Our Sins

Why do Catholics add to the finished work of Christ by saying some have to go to Purgatory to have their sins forgiven?

"Behold I Stand at the door and knock" how to have an intimate relationship with Christ!

Should we only pray to the Father in Jesus' name?

Are using statues in worship idolatry?

Is Christ's Sacrifice over and done with? 

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